Upper Cervical Chiropractic for TMJD Relief: Does It Work?

Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with TMJ in Asheville NC

Are you tired of the constant pain, discomfort, and limitations that come with your TMJ issues? Does your jaw's clicking, popping, and locking make it hard to eat, speak, or even smile? Have you tried different remedies only to find temporary relief or no improvement? Are you feeling frustrated, hopeless, and desperate for a natural solution? 

TMJ issues can bring a lot of discomfort in your jaw area. It can also bring headaches, earaches, neck pain, and even emotional stress, which can progress to depression and anxiety. Your problem is not just a minor inconvenience or a passing discomfort. It's a life-altering experience that can rob you of your quality of life and sense of self. 

So, is there a natural, non-invasive, and practical approach to help you finally overcome this debilitating condition? Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with TMJ in Asheville NC? Keep reading! Let's explore these question together and see what solution awaits you.


Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with TMJ in Asheville NC

Understanding TMJ Causes, and Symptoms

TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, usually affects your joints that control the movement of your jaw. The exact causes of some TMJ cases are still unknown, but several factors can contribute to its development. These factors may include: 

  • Arthritis
  • Jaw injuries
  • Misaligned teeth or jaw
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Teeth grinding or clenching

Symptoms of TMJ can vary from person to person, but some common signs will include:

  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Earaches
  • Headaches
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Pain or tenderness in the jaw, face, or neck
  • Popping sounds when opening or closing the mouth
  • Ringing in the ears

TMJ can also cause secondary symptoms, such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, and depression, which can further impact a person's quality of life. Therefore, it's important to recognize these signs and symptoms and seek proper diagnosis and care from a qualified healthcare professional. You may seek help from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for natural relief options.


Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with TMJ in Asheville NC?

The short answer? YES! Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses on the uppermost part of your spine, where your atlas and axis are found. These bones are located at the base of the skull and support the weight of the head. Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments apply gentle and precise adjustments to these bones to correct misalignments. Misalignments can impact the functioning of different parts of your body, including your TMJ. They are usually a result of accidents, injuries, or repetitive trauma and stress endured in the neck or head.

If you haven't been to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office, your chiropractic doctor will thoroughly assess your topmost neck bones to identify misalignments or imbalances. This will help you receive personalized series of adjustments to correct these misalignments and imbalances. It will also help you realign the bones and remove any nerve interference, preventing your body from healing. 

Your first appointment determines if Upper Cervical Chiropractic is suitable for your TMJ. Many patients report significant improvements in their TMJ symptoms and overall health and well-being after receiving a few adjustments. However, remember that adjustments are not a one-time thing. You may need a series of adjustments to correct severe misalignments and to help your body gradually restore balance in the spine.

Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with TMJ in Asheville NC

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