Auto Injury

Auto Injuries are Stressful – Getting the Right Care Shouldn’t Be

The upper cervical area is the most vulnerable spot in the human body, and the most susceptible to injury in an auto accident.

Undiagnosed and/or untreated upper cervical issues can lead to serious and devastating health issues down the road.

The most common injuries sustained in a car accident are to the neck and back. Whiplash is the most common ailment and occurs when the head is suddenly thrust forward and then backward when a car is rear-ended.


Whiplash and post-whiplash complications can cause debilitating pain, headaches, and many additional issues throughout the body. Prompt and proper diagnosis is essential.


Concussions and other head injuries can cause stress to the brainstem and its surrounding tissue, compromising blood flow to and through this area. The “ripple effect” from these injuries can often be treated with atlas orthogonal.

Ligament Injury

Our objective in these cases is to minimize the formation of scar tissue and help you rebuild the strength and integrity of the joint. We recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible.

The longer these kinds of issues go untreated, the more at risk you’ll be for increasing and/or worsening symptoms, potentially for years to come.

The sooner your injury is properly diagnosed, the sooner your treatment and recovery can begin.

We offer same day appointments for auto injury patients. 

Did you know that with proper diagnostics, you can be adjusted with the light force atlas instrument just hours after a traumatic whiplash or head injury?

No Referral Required

You do not need a referral of any kind to begin your care at Atlas Chiropractic.

Dr. David Nygaard’s expert diagnosis will determine the specific components of your treatment plan for recovery. He will quantify the need for outside referrals, be it advanced imaging (MRI / CAT scan) or referrals to a complementary practitioner.

We will also communicate and work with your primary care physician.

Our clinic director, is a pro at the administrative side of things. Without someone like her in your corner, you can be left alone to navigate difficult decisions and uncharted territory, often in high-pressure environments.

She will help make the stressful logistics of attorneys and insurance as painless as possible for you. Dr. David Nygaard will coordinate your clinical care and recovery.

The sooner you call, the faster your healing can begin.

Did You Know?

Even minor car accidents can lead to soft tissue injuries and upper cervical misalignments. If these injuries are left untreated, they can lead to chronic arthritic issues and increasing pain. Unresolved injuries can also lead to serious health complications, such as unresolved head injury and the long-term consequences of ligament damage.

If you just had a minor fender bender and aren’t experiencing any symptoms, you should still be evaluated, even if it’s just to rule out whiplash and/or any upper cervical misalignments.

Have you been in an auto accident?

Please call us, so we can determine together if you can be helped by this specialized approach.