What to Do After an Auto Accident to Avoid Further Injury

What to Do After an Auto Accident to Avoid Further InjuryIn that moment when the car accident that you’ve just been in is over, the potential for injury has, unfortunately, just begun. Take a deep breath. Know that caring chiropractors and holistic solutions are here to help you. Know, also, that many chronic issues that don’t rear their ugly heads until much further down the road begin with a car accident, even a minor one.

Isn’t the stress of being a car accident enough, without dealing with the possibility of even more severe injury complications later down the road? Those who choose to take their healthcare into their own hands and visit a chiropractor after an auto accident know that the answer to this is ‘yes’.

Warning Signs That Your Upper Cervical Spine is Injured

As a result of an auto accident, your spine and head may have become disconnected at that critical juncture where they meet at the atlas, the top vertebra. Neurovascular conditions that result from this misalignment are so often experienced but less often recognized as what they are.

Since your injury, have you experienced:

  • Needing to pop or crack your neck or back?
  • A tendency to stand or sit with poor posture?
  • Chronic fatigue or dysfunction in any organ system of the body?
  • Stress and tension that won’t dissipate?
  • Stiffness or tenderness in the muscles or joints?
  • Spinal discomfort?

Even if your injury seems so inconsequential in couldn’t possibly result in something more serious, it’s in your best interest to get an assessment to make sure that everything is in its right place. Ultimately, injury of this type is cumulative. The longer you live with it, and the longer it goes unnoticed, the worse it can become. In the words of Dr. David Nygaard, “Injury does not need to be a serious whiplash or closed head injury in order to insult and compromise the upper cervical spine.”

Resolve Whiplash and More Before It Worsens

The time to catch these warning signs is as early as possible, before they lengthen into symptoms you have for a lifetime. The systemic bodily imbalance that is felt as a result of upper cervical spine injury spreads throughout the body, into every nerve and every cell. It affects the overall health of your body, not just your back pain or neck soreness where it may be focused. Whiplash has been known to appear up to 15 years after an accident, so when they say the time is now, the time is now. Not once the symptoms of chronic pain are already ruling your life.

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