What to Do After a Car Crash, And What Not to Do

What to Do When You Are in a Car Accident and You’re the DriverGetting over a car accident isn’t quite the quick fix that we might hope it would be. Every year in North Carolina alone, there are around 110,000 people who are injured in a car wreck. Thousands of these crashes are related to speeding, and increasingly, more car accidents are related to distracted driving due to technology. You got it: texting while driving. But if you’re in a wreck, it’s likely that you’re going to suffer from a much worse injury than just ‘text neck’. You ask how to get over a car accident? We answer: trust the experts.

Chiropractors Specialize in Car Accident Recovery

Even more often than the obvious damage (open wounds and abrasions, for instance), individuals who have been in car accidents suffer from hidden damage to muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves. These areas of the body are the sovereign domain of the chiropractor, who has specialized techniques to correct the damage rather than smothering it with pharmaceuticals.

Working through the aftermath of a car crash takes more than just determination and some pain pills, it takes commitment to a healing plan that recovers your internal balance…or you risk being dependent on prescription drugs for life and never fully becoming well again.

You’re At Risk for More than Just Injury

There’s no ‘just getting over’ a car wreck. But chiropractic care attunes your body so that it is in the best possible position to heal itself. Human bodies are remarkably flexible and prone to recovery, but not if they’re misaligned or inflamed due to whiplash or a fracture or break.

But what most people don’t know is that car accident victims are up to 80{115649cd14c12cd94f0d147e1e5923e5cfd090a3a81f6b6da2d6b334a1994be8} more likely to develop osteoarthritis in their life time, simply by virtue of having been in a car accident at some point. Those who already have arthritis at the time of the event find that their condition progresses faster post-accident. Of course, if you’ve been unlucky enough to have been in multiple car crashes, the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis becomes even larger. Good prevention and chiropractic care is a must, in this situation.

The Waiting Game: Don’t Play It

Did you know that over two-thirds of those who get into a car wreck experience pain later down the road? We\’re not talking about just a few weeks or months away. The majority of individuals who are in an accident and go untreated are in pain up to 10 years later!

Car accidents can shift the musculoskeletal alignment of your body for good, if you have internal injuries that go untreated. The impact of a crash can jar the delicate balance of your brain stem and your spine, resulting in tiredness, brain fog, immune system depletion, and a multitude of other symptoms that come with time. Atlas Orthogonal treatment is a specialized procedure that uses sonar waves to bring the top bone of the neck vertebrae back into its proper position, improving circulation and fluid movement and increasing brain and immune function systemically

Dr. Nygaard has been serving the Asheville community for 18 years and wants to help you in your journey to wellbeing. Specializing in upper cervical and Atlas Orthogonal treatment.



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