Results of First Atlas Adjustment for Vertigo, TMJ and Headache at Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville

February 20, 2018

Dr. Nygaard: This is Susan and we have another first visit, I’m going to call it a miracle or amazing story. So I adjusted her for the first time Monday, and it’s two days later. She’s going to share the profound impact that first adjustment had on her. Susan: When I left the office, I felt a little bit dizzy but I’d always had some vertigo, and that has completely gone away. A little shockey feeling, but that has completely gone away. Before I went to bed after the adjustment, my chest, I took a deep breath and all the pressure that I had in one side of my chest completely gone, it just, everything feels open, to take a deep breath. My TMJ, jaw snapping, it will not snap, I tried to make it crack, it just won’t crack anymore. So that’s completely gone, and I came in with a headache, and within a half hour of having the adjustment, I did not have a headache anymore. It was wonderful. Dr. Nygaard: Yeah, and you had talked about your balance too, where you felt wobbly and. Susan: Yeah I had a sensation of almost like the ground was not quite level trying to walk after I was adjusted, and that went away the next morning, but for that evening, I felt like I was walking crooked. Dr. Nygaard: So your balance, it threw you off center a little bit, but it re-centered your balance, is that a fair way of saying it? Susan: That is. Dr. Nygaard: Okay. Susan: Because Brian said, you know, you’re walking straight, you look good. Dr. Nygaard: Well that’s great Susan. Susan: I just felt crooked. Dr. Nygaard: I’m so grateful you’re able to share and thanks for, I’m glad to be a part of it. Thank you much. Susan: You’re welcome.

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