Gracefully Gliding with Upper Cervical Care at Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville

April 26, 2018

Dr. Nygaard: Adele, she’s a new patient to me. She’s had upper cervical care for over the past couple decades, but we adjusted her for the first time last week and she had a very profound response, and she’s gonna share with you what kind of things she noticed. Adele: I came in for my first adjustment and it seemed simple, and as I left I was walking to my car a couple of blocks away and I was noticing how I was gliding. Walking was so easy. I was walking much more gracefully and I could feel it. Then, over the weekend I could tell I had a bigger curve in my back. Like my mid-back was more forward than it had been, and my left shoulder that has always been in knots, loosened up quite a bit. I slept better, I just felt like many subtle changes had taken place within two days. Dr. Nygaard: One adjustment. Thank you very much, Adele. Adele: You’re welcome.

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