Conquer Headaches and Back Pain with Upper Cervical Care in Asheville

May 16, 2023

Are you struggling with headaches and low back pain in Asheville? Angel was in the same boat until she discovered Atlas Brain and Body and Dr. Nygaard. After suffering from excruciating head pain due to a fall in December, Angel was unsure about the source of her lower back pain, which she had experienced for years. However, after an evaluation and X-rays, Dr. Nygaard identified the issues and started helping Angel with Upper Cervical Care in Asheville. In just a month, Angel's headaches vanished, and she could move her neck freely. She even feels like a different person, with improved focus and a better mood. Angel loves the office and highly recommends Dr. Nygaard and his team, including the amazing office manager Tyler.

Experience for yourself the benefits of receiving Upper Cervical Care, specifically the Atlas Orthogonal technique.

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Are you suffering? Is your body telling you something is wrong and isn’t working correctly? Explore a different approach to maintaining health.
This doesn't have to be the way
you feel for the rest of your life. Find long-lasting pain relief and restore brain-body balance at the only atlas orthogonal clinic in Asheville.


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