Upper Neck Pain: What You Need to Know

Upper Neck Pain: What You Need to KnowIt’s hard to know what the culprit is with neck pain – is it your pillow, headrest, or swivel chair? Is it your posture or that bike injury you had a few years ago? Perhaps it’s whiplash from a minor car accident that you never thought could have such long-lasting complications.

No matter what the influence – injury, exercise, posture, or another factor – neck pain is possible to beat. And one of the most promising, and absolutely non-invasive and drug-free, tools in the medical field is Atlas Orthogonal treatment, which works with your body to heal itself, not against it. Atlas Orthogonal works directly with the top bone of the neck to restore its proper alignment, building a bridge of health between the body and brain.

The Atlas Orthogonal Approach to Neck Pain: Proven and Effective

If there was one key to resolving upper neck pain, it lies in the gentle and specific adjustments that Dr. Nygaard performs to the top bone of the neck, the atlas. Deliberately manipulating the very first vertebrae in the neck allows your body’s natural healing defenses to kick in by restoring the organic flow of brain-body communication. Through this bone, the nerves of the brain stem run and disperse throughout the rest of the body. When your atlas bone is out of line, however, a communication barrier is put up between the brain and the rest of the body and often, signals are missed or do not go through properly. Just like a perfectly oiled machine, when the atlas bone is aligned correctly, the whole spinal column is likely operating well. When it’s out of whack, due to injury, a lifetime of poor posture and sleep positions, vigorous exercise, or any one of numerous factors, there is a distortion at the brainstem that can cause everything from immune system depression to swelling and pain in the neck area.

After a professional atlas evaluation and the correction of misalignment – or subluxation, the chiropractic term – is resolved, patients find improvement from a multitude of angles. Physically, they feel less pain, inflammation and swelling. Mentally, because the communication lines between the body and brain are cleared, there is a lifting of brain fog. Emotionally, some patients feel that there is an easing and relaxing into a dramatically improved quality of life.

What Can Dr. Nygaard Do For You?

As the only Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in Western North Carolina, Dr. Nygaard specializes in helping people in pain heal by creating a treatment plan specific to them. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, he will examine you to assess the alignment of your neck. Even a minor misalignment can cause people major pain, so he will determine with absolute precision what the best alignment action is for you. The X-rays that Dr. Nygaard takes are computer analyzed for accuracy, and exact calculations are made that trigger a gentle instrument to adjust your atlas. There is no pain whatsoever, and in fact, some patients immediately feel relaxed and relieved directly after the adjustment.

For the future of your neck and a life free of pain, an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment might be the one thing you haven’t tried; it might be the one thing that works for you, for the long-term.



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