Start With Chiropractic Care for Real Foot Pain Relief

Start With Chiropractic Care for Real Foot Pain ReliefFoot pain sufferers are likely more than familiar with the various shoe inserts and foot cushions that are on the market. But despite their claims and advertising, many of them don’t work to alleviate the intense, debilitating pain that feet endure when the nervous system is not working properly. This is because shoe accessories and even special shoe brands made especially for those with diabetic neuropathy, for instance, don’t get to the heart of the problem. But chiropractic care does.

For the most part, common foot pain aids like surgery, pharmaceutical drugs, and specialized footwear, work to ease the problem but they leave the patient dependent on them for life, and often still suffering. There are 26 bones in the foot, and if any of these delicate structures are out of place, this can lead to significant, progressive pain. Most foot pain, in fact, can be directly correlated to a misalignment of these bones

Our feet bear the brunt of the action of our lives. Through extreme sports or even moderate physical exertion, wearing the wrong size or style shoes, or a lifetime of primarily standing or sitting, we can give our feet grief. The strain that we put on our feet daily, in addition to any injuries or accidents that we go through, gradually put wear and tear on these all-important body parts. While it’s not a bad idea to wear special shoe inserts or ergonomically designed shoes, it’s almost certain that taking these measures won’t solve your problem.

Although many people are familiar with chiropractic care for backs and spines, and perhaps even for headaches and neck pain, not as many individuals understand what a chiropractor can offer for foot pain sufferers. The same principles of care that apply to neck and back pain apply to foot pain: the precise balance of the bones and the soft tissues is off, and the body sends blood and inflammation to the area to try to correct the imbalance, causing you pain. Just as Dr. Nygaard gently works with the layout of a patient\'s back and spine to re-align their system, he uses his expertise as applied to the feet to correct the misalignment that causes the majority of foot pain.

While no foot pain treatment is a quick fix, chiropractic care works with both common and rare foot pain and feet-related disorders to resolve the problem by going beyond the band-aid of shoe soles and inserts. By improving the blood flow and circulation to the feet via the adjustment, Dr. Nygaard coaxes the body into self-healing action, minimizing pain and correcting the painful problem for good.

Dr. Nygaard has been serving the Asheville community for 18 years and wants to help you in your journey to wellbeing. Specializing in upper cervical and Atlas Orthogonal treatment, neuropathy, disc compression, migraines, auto accident recovery.

Dr. Nygaard is the only doctor in the Western North Carolina area with this area of expertise and care. He is happy to customize a safe and effective treatment plan for you, so your free initial pre-consultation today.

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