Can Sinus Infections Cause Neck Pain? What You Need to Know

sinus, neck pain relief in Asheville
sinus, neck pain relief in Asheville

Do you wake up with a stiff and painful neck? Does it often happen, which makes you wonder why you're experiencing them? Do you also struggle with a stuffy or runny nose too often? Can your stuffy nose and neck pain be related? Are you constantly trying to find relief, only to be disappointed by the lack of results? You're not alone. 

Neck pain is an all too common problem that can affect anyone for various reasons. Listening to your body and paying attention to your symptoms can help you find a solution. And yes, you may be right to think that your neck pain and a stuffy nose may be connected. So, if your neck pain is bugging you too much, looking at your sinus problems may be your potential source of neck pain relief in Asheville. Keep reading to learn more about their connection and how you can finally free yourself from pain and discomfort.


Neck Pain and Sinus Infection: What's the Connection?

If your neck pain is connected to your sinus infection, you may notice pain similar to stiff or sore muscles. However, pain is not isolated to the neck. You may also feel tender and sore on your head, eyes, nose, and cheeks. This happens because of inflamed sinuses. 

Notably, the human head has several sinuses, including the pair of air cavities behind the nose, medically referred to as sphenoid sinuses. When these specific sinuses experience irritation or inflammation due to a bacterial or viral pathogen, it can influence the development of sinus infection with neck pain. 

When you're pursuing neck pain relief in Asheville, getting your sinus checked may help. This may also reveal any underlying issues that bring additional symptoms, such as problems with your autonomic nervous system (ANS)

If you have an impaired autonomic system, your body may struggle to properly regulate involuntary processes such as respiration, leading to difficulty managing sinus infections. If your ANS is detected early, it may be vital to eliminate your chronic sinus problem. This can eventually help alleviate all your symptoms linked to sinus infection.

Your ANS is part of the peripheral nervous system, which sends signals from your brain to various body parts that perform involuntary actions. It's integrated with your brainstem, and when it malfunctions, it can lead to health issues and difficulty in fulfilling its role, affecting breathing and regulating heart rate.


ANS Dysfunction and Upper Cervical Alignment

If your neck pain becomes too frequent following sinus infection symptoms, it might indicate that you also have issues with your ANS. It's probably how your body sends the message that you have a misalignment in this area, particularly your upper cervical spine. 

If you've ever had neck trauma or injury, even from many years back, it may have led to misalignments in this area which progressed over time. Contact sports or car accidents can trigger misalignments and worse sinus infection symptoms. Misaligned neck bones can impact the nerves responsible for regulating your respiratory system. Even the slightest misalignment can irritate nerves and lead to severe repercussions on your nervous system, and the only way to resolve this is by having your spine alignment checked.

sinus, neck pain relief in Asheville

Upper Cervical Care For Neck Pain Relief In Asheville

If you've been taking medications or tried different remedies for your nasal congestion and neck pain and yet you notice little to no improvement, it may be a good time to consult an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and get your spine alignment checked. 

Having your neck bones assessed through advanced digital imaging techniques can determine the degree of your misalignment. Then, our chiropractic doctor, Dr. David Nygaard can start customizing your care plan so you can receive precise and gentle adjustments to restore your neck's alignment and relieve your nerves from stress and pressure.

Don't let your suffering go on any longer. Book an appointment in our office to get your spine alignment evaluated. It might be the first step you need to take to lead you to a solution that works.


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