Our Approach

Customized Chiropractic Care AshevilleWe are committed to helping our patients tap into their bodies’ natural healing ability, by gently and specifically correcting misalignment of the atlas and upper cervical area. We create customized treatment plans for every patient, using the most innovative and effective modalities available.

The technology we use at Atlas Chiropractic can pinpoint the exact angle and location of the misalignment. Rather than cracking or popping, the Atlas Orthogonal percussional sound wave correction precisely repositions the atlas bone—with no more pressure than you’d apply to a ripe avocado.

After an initial evaluation and report (including a thorough review of your X-rays), Dr. David Nygaard will discuss his diagnostic impression of your condition, as well as your options for care. We’ll work together to determine your health goals and create a customized plan for recovery.


Treatment Modalities at Atlas Chiropractic

Atlas Orthogonal Procedures

Dr. David Nygaard will pin point the cause of your problem after a thorough history, examination, and computerized film analysis. This analysis will allow Dr. Nygaard to determine with precision accuracy how to correct your atlas misalignment.

Using a special percussive sound wave instrument, Dr. Nygaard will adjust the first vertebra (a.k.a. the atlas bone), according to precise measurements taken from your X-rays.

Asheville Atlas Orthogonal - How it Works

Spinal Disc Decompression

To address issues stemming from compressed spinal discs, we use a computer-aided table to alleviate disc pressure, thus correcting the cause of nerve irritation and pain. Real-time technology ensures optimal results while keeping the patient comfortable and safe.

Spinal Disc Decompression - Asheville Chiropractor

Complementary Modalities & Full Spine Chiropractic Adjustments

When indicated, we treat the entire spine with light-force, specific instrument adjusting protocols. We use a number of additional modalities to compliment the Atlas Orthogonal work, including myofascial and soft tissue work, cold laser, nutritional support, home exercise programs, and more.

Auto Injuries Chiropractic Asheville

Restoring healthy nervous system function is dependent upon proper brain-body communication.

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