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Atlas Orthogonal

Although not considered in many medical or chiropractic procedures, an atlas misalignment (also called a craniocervical junction misalignment) can be one of the most destructive problems to compromise health. There are some significant features of the atlas bone that make it the primary focus of the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. The atlas bone is the first moveable bone through which the nerves from the brain pass to the entire body. The craniocervical junction (the joint between the skull and the atlas) is much less stable than the rest of the spine due to smaller supporting ligaments and flatter bone structure. This design allows for greater movement of the head in every direction, but leaves that joint less stable and much more susceptible to injury or misalignment with falls, concussions, head injuries and accidents. Due to its unstable nature, atlas bone can sometimes misalign from a smaller and seemingly insignificant event.

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spinal disc decompression Atlas Chiropractic Asheville NC

Spinal Disc Decompression

Spinal disc decompression is an advanced type of therapy designed to alleviate symptoms coming from disc problems in the spine. While the Atlas Orthogonal procedure focuses on a misaligned atlas bone affecting nerves as they exit the brain, spinal disc decompression focuses on the discs and joints that can affect nerves as they exit through the sides of the spine.
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Pulstar Treatment

The use of secondary adjustments may be necessary for the full restoration of your health and your spine. Dr. Nygaard uses the PulStar Instrument to evaluate and correct the spine without any twisting, cracking or popping. To fully understand why the spine can misalign, it is important to understand an important function of the brain. Balance and alignment of the spine is controlled by the brain. Signals from the brain control the muscles of the spine and core that keep the spine stable. If you have imbalanced signals from the brain, you will lose stability in your spine, and the joints of the spine can begin to move poorly and misalign. Correcting the atlas misalignment through Atlas Orthogonal care is an important first step toward spinal restoration, but further adjusting may be necessary.

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degenerative disc disease Atlas Chiropractic Asheville NC

Auto Injury Treatments

Car accidents are a unique injury. Your body is strapped to the vehicle with a seat belt, but you head is free to move. Upon impact, the body moves or stops with the car and you head continues to travel, creating an enormous strain on the neck resulting in stretching and tearing to the ligaments and muscles, which is called whiplash. The most vulnerable area of the spine is the upper neck, meaning that a car accident is likely to cause an upper cervical misalignment.

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