The Real Causes of Headaches

The Real Causes of Headaches

The Real Causes of HeadachesDo you suffer from headaches?  Tension, cluster, and migraine headaches are three of the most common types.  A large portion of our society is suffering needlessly every day from this chronic issue.  Luckily, there may be some insights into the real causes of headaches, and what can be done to reduce your pain!

There can be many “daily-life” triggers that cause bodily dysfunction.  Stress ranks very high on this list!  Since everyone handles stress differently, there can be many secondary causes as well. Jaw clenching and grinding can cause tension in the facial muscles.  This tension can lead to pain and headaches over time.

Food allergies can be another common culprit of body dysfunction. There are many additives in our food that may not be tolerated well by the body.  The immune system responds to such additives and inflammation can often result.  Soy, MSG, sulfites, gluten, and even some cheeses can cause an inflammatory reaction in some people, thereby causing a headache.

Finally, research has shown that one of the primary causes of headaches is atlas misalignment.  As the topmost vertebra of your spine, it supports the weight of the skull.  Misalignment can occur through whiplash, head trauma, or a fall. When this bone is misaligned it can cause dysfunction in the body.  Over time this dysfunction can lead to all types of headaches.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic can help reduce headaches!

At Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville, Dr. David Nygaard specializes in atlas orthogonal technique.  He is one of only a few certified practitioners of this specialized technique, and the only chiropractor in the Asheville area with this certification.

Dr. Nygaard gently corrects upper cervical and atlas misalignments to bring the body back into balance.  And when the body is in balance, there is no room for pain!

You’re ready to  move forward from headaches and experience a pain-free life! Call us today and schedule a free pre-consultation!

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