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Our Staff


Clinic Director

Eden joined Atlas Chiropractic in May of 2020.

Eden’s chiropractic journey started in December of 2019. She fell in love with how much it helped her personally (with headaches, sinuses, as well as general pain and discomfort) and wanted to make it a career. With goals of helping other people. As office manager, she is vital to the office. 

She is a local of Asheville, NC with 6 years of experience in fitness. Part of which was a career in franchise management for 9Round Kickboxing. She holds national certifications in nutrition, weight-loss, personal training, and group fitness. Her best companion is her little dog, Koda. 

Eden handles all the logistics of patient care, while coordinating the patients clinical needs with Dr. David Nygaard. She will work with you to ensure you understand exactly how we help our patients get the care they need. Her skills are essential to ensuring the flow of our office procedures, insurance coverage, and financial questions. Have a question? Eden is happy to help! 


One-Eyed Welcome Committee

You’d think a beagle / golden retriever mix would be rather… energetic, but this sweet rescue is by nature quiet and calm. Jamaal greets everyone as they enter the office (unless he’s sleeping and doesn’t feel like getting up). And if you rub his belly, he’ll be your friend for life.

Jamaal One-Eyed Welcome Committee

Restoring healthy nervous system function is dependent upon proper brain-body communication.

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