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Our Staff

Laura Zabodyn

Office Manager

“I try to treat everyone the way I’d want to be treated when I go to the doctor.”

Laura handles all the logistics of patient care, including billing, HIPAA compliance, and making sure every patient feels welcome and safe in our care.

She’s usually the first person you see when you arrive, and the last person you see when you leave. From your very first phone call, Laura will work with you to ensure you understand exactly how we can help our new patients get better, from the flow of our office procedures, to insurance coverage, to financial questions. Laura takes pride in her ability to handle any question or concern that comes her way.

Originally from Ohio, Laura recently retired from a long-standing position in the Florida school system, and is now pursuing her “second career” in the medical field. She has one grown daughter and one grandson. She lives in Hendersonville with her husband, a tour bus driver who uses his insider knowledge of the area to plan all kinds of fun activities for the two of them!


Laura Office Manager


One-Eyed Welcome Committee

You’d think a beagle / golden retriever mix would be rather… energetic, but this sweet rescue is by nature quiet and calm. Jamaal greets everyone as they enter the office (unless he’s sleeping and doesn’t feel like getting up). And if you rub his belly, he’ll be your friend for life.

Jamaal One-Eyed Welcome Committee

Restoring healthy nervous system function is dependent upon proper brain-body communication.

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