Migraines – Does Brain Size Matter?

Migraine headaches and depression may be things that can be foreseen by examining the size of a person’s brain according to a study that was published in Neurology magazine. It turns out that bigger is better when it comes to avoiding physical and emotional pain in the mind. Those will smaller brains seem to face more cases of depression and migraine headaches.

It is interesting to note that this study, authored by Dr. Larus S. Gudmunsson, was not even the only recent study to touch on this subject. Radiology magazine also addresses this topic and even explained some of the reason behind the phenomenon. The fact is that the more brain tissue there is, the more tissue there is covering the pain processing part of the brain. As a result, pain is felt less intensely for those with a bigger brain.

Also, JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) reported in 2012 that women might suffer from 3-4 times as many migraines as men because they are also more likely to have mini lesions on the brain.

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Good News for Migraines Sufferers

While there may not be anything you can do to increase the physical size of your brain, there is a natural way to get help for the pain of migraines. Researchers in New York have been able to make an interesting discovery by using an upright MRI. It was revealed that when a person has an upper cervical subluxation (misalignment), cerebrospinal fluid drainage is impaired. As a result, this protective fluid can begin to pool and actually cause migraines.

When upper cervical chiropractic techniques are used to correct an upper cervical subluxation, research revealed that 28.6% of the pressure is reduced and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid returns to normal. As a result, many experience relief from migraines after just one or two adjustments. If you are experiencing migraines, getting your upper cervical spine checked by a professional may be the first step to correcting the problem for good.


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