Meniere’s Disease —Finding Natural Relief in Asheville, NC

Meniere’s Disease —Finding Natural Relief in Asheville, NCMeniere’s disease can prove to be a debilitating condition that causes falls, partial hearing loss, vertigo, and other symptoms. As many as 5 million Americans suffer from this condition. What causes Meniere’s and is there a natural way to reduce the symptoms? Read on to learn more.

The Underlying Cause of Meniere’s Disease

Researchers have postulated for years about the reasons behind this complicated syndrome. Some neurosurgeons are looking into the connection between inhibited blood flow to the brain and Meniere’s disease. Others continue to focus on the fluid in the ear. However, recent research has led some to consider what causes the problems with fluid in the ear and how upper cervical subluxations are related to Eustachian tube problems.

In fact, an upper neck misalignment can contribute to the blood flow issues. The vertebrae of the neck play a key role in facilitating blood flow to the brain—hence the vessels in this region being referred to as vertebral arteries. When the C1 and C2 vertebrae become misaligned, this can affect how these arteries function.

Also, upper cervical research performed by Dr. Michael Burcon reveals that Meniere’s disease patients are commonly whiplash injury victims. This has led to a notable link between neck injuries and the onset of Meniere’s disease, although most injuries take a decade or longer to lead to such problems.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo download our complimentary e-book How to Naturally Relieve Vertigo without Drugs by clicking the image below.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps Meniere’s Symptoms

In the study noted above, 97{115649cd14c12cd94f0d147e1e5923e5cfd090a3a81f6b6da2d6b334a1994be8} of 300 patients saw significant improvement in vertigo and other symptoms within just 6 weeks of care. These benefits continued over the course of 6 years of observation.

At Atlas Brain and Body, we strive to provide similar results for our Meniere’s patients. We use the Atlas Orthogonal technique, which involves very precise adjustments of the upper cervical spine. These low force corrections are long-lasting and give the body time to heal. As a result, many find side-effect-free relief from vertigo and other Meniere’s symptoms.

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