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Looking for a Foot DoctorOf all the body parts that gain wear and tear with everyday usage, our feet are perhaps the worst victims of our lifestyles. Whether we're totally sedentary, working at a desk job for 10 hours a day, or just the opposite, putting constant stress on our feet with extreme exercise and sports, our feet suffer. The 52 bones that the feet contain make up a full one-quarter of all the bones in the body, meaning that regular care for our feet is just as important as caring for the rest of your musculoskeletal system. About 20% Americans suffer from regular foot problems each year. If you’re searching a foot doctor in Charlotte NC, look no further. Dr. Nygaard, located in Asheville, NC is one of the most esteemed chiropractors in the state, and specializes in resolving painful foot issues.

Common Foot Problems That We See

Here are some of the most common areas of the feet where people experience pain

Heel Pain

Pain on the bottom of the foot can range from painful conditions like plantar fascitis ('heel pain syndrome'), heel spur syndrome, and metatarsalgia. Heel pain syndrome occurs in 2 million people each year and can come on suddenly or gradually develop over time. It can be caused by obesity, which causes significant stress to fall on the heel. Chiropractic treatment is very useful in helping to manipulate the bones of the feet so that the stress is evenly distributed across the foot, relieving pain.

Pain at the Ball of the Foot

Beneath the area at the top of the foot where the toes join the rest of the foot is the ball. This area is particularly susceptible to conditions like metatarsal bone misalignment, also called metatarsalgia. Other foot problems in this area can result from fractures, breaks, or other injuries, or even from wearing the wrong shoe.

Pain on the Top of the Foot

Although less common that either of the two previous types of pain, top of the foot pain can be excruciating. Whether you've worn tight-fitting heels your whole life or your feet have slightly high or very low arches, you may experience pain in the bones and joints that inflames the surface of the foot. No matter how the top of the foot pain has gotten to where it is today, chiropractic care can aid in correcting it by delicately setting the bones of the feet back into place, eliminating discomfort.

Here at Atlas Brain and Body, we also see patients with foot problems on the side of the foot or heel problems, such as Achilles tendonitis. No matter what the source of your foot pain, we will work with you to ease you into a pain-free life, without expensive surgeries or dangerous medications. The health of your feet is in your hands; making an investment in their well-being now will provide you with years of pain-free walking and motion.

Dr. Nygaard has been serving the Asheville community for 18 years and wants to help you in your journey to wellbeing. Specializing in upper cervical and Atlas Orthogonal treatment, neuropathy, disc compression, migraines, auto accident recovery.

Dr. Nygaard is the only doctor in the Western North Carolina area with this area of expertise and care. He is happy to customize a safe and effective treatment plan for you, so your free initial pre-consultation today.

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