10 Incredible Long Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care

chiropractic wellness

There are loads of reasons why you should focus on your chiropractic wellness.

For example, there are over 230 peer-reviewed articles that suggest that chiropractic's can both help to cure and prevent headaches and migraines!

With that in mind, let's dive into the other health benefits. 

1. Improve Your Posture

When you take chiropractic wellness seriously, you'll find the sessions help to align your spine correctly.

This helps improve your posture and is especially important for office workers. Or anyone who spends a lot of time hunched over a computer.

This position usually strains your neck and upper back which consequently takes its toll on your posture. Sessions with a professional chiropractor will help rectify any damage.

2. Relive Your Aches and Pains

Obviously, if you're experiencing neck and back pain, a chiropractor is the place to go.

Chiropractors aim to correctly align the musculo-skeletal structure by unblocking energy within your nerves.

This, in turn, allows your nerves to work more efficiently down the length of your spine (as well as the rest of your body). To achieve this, a chiropractor needs to change the position of your body by applying pressure to specific places across the spine.

Consequently, this results in a popping noise similar to the sound of cracking your knuckles.

This is the sound of a change of pressure in your joint which causes gas bubbles to be released.

If you undertake a course of sessions, you'll eventually realign your spine and notice a marked improvement in both your physical and mental health.

Ample studies have proven this, including one conducted in 2003 by the British Medical Journal.

Here 184 patients suffering from neck pain were randomly selected to have either spinal mobilization. physiotherapy, or care from a GP over the course of 52 weeks.

The results show that chiropractic adjustments out of the three options delivered the quickest relief to patients, and was also the cheapest - win-win!

3. Relaxation

Your bones and muscles don't work as efficiently when your nervous system is stressed. The side effects of this can impact both your mental and physical health.

Massages help relax the nerves that flow through your spine. This helps to restore your bodies natural balance.

This should result in feeling less physically and emotionally stressed as well as feeling more energetic.

3. Combat Stress

When we're mentally strained, we sometimes experience chemical imbalances. These can trigger both anxiety and depression.

If you're at risk of this, a chiropractic session is just the ticket.

It's a fabulous way of combatting stress, giving you perspective and improving your overall emotional well-being.

This is because the adjustments made to the body during this session allow you to function more efficiently than before.

4. Increase Your Immunity

Chiropractic sessions help boost your bodies natural defenses.

This is because a chiropractor will help to relax your body. When this happens, your immune system thrives.

Chiropractors can work with you to help remove subluxations that negatively impact your nervous system.

The nervous system acts as a messenger to the brain and carries signals to and from your immune system. It's imperative these signals are transmitted efficiently to maintain a steady defense against illness.

Hence, why chiropractic wellness is so important.

5. Have a Better Night's Sleep

It is not surprising that most sleep problems are the result of physical or emotional aches and pains.

When you undertake a chiropractic session, you're taking a step forward to combatting those pains. So common sense dictates you'll have a better nights sleep.

6. Improve Your Performance on the Sports Track

It's well known that professional athletes seek regular chiropractic sessions.

Apparently, over 50% of NFL teams employee a dedicated a chiropractor to have on hand.

This is because of the adjustments, stretches, and exercises a chiropractor can provide enhances their athletic performance.

7. Prevent the Progression of Scoliosis

There's are certain chiropractic adjustments that when teamed with muscular rehabilitation techniques, can prevent scoliosis worsening.

Organizations like Clear Institute, have worked tirelessly to treat and manage this disease. Without having to subject patients to painful braces or intrusive surgery.

Participants in these studies have seen anywhere between a 10 to 30% percent decrease in their scoliosis curvatures.

8. A Fabulous Alternative to Intrusive Surgery

Chiropractic has for a long time been the best natural therapy to prevent the need for surgery.

Chiropractors often seek holistic treatments. They wish to analyze the whole of the patient's health and recommend a treatment plan accordingly.

For example, some chiropractors give their patients nutrition advice, exercise plans, counseling, etc.

This is because managing the patient's condition successfully may require a combination of improvements. Often this approach drastically reduces the need for drugs or surgery.

So much so, that it's widely believed by medical professionals that patients suffering from back pain should always try a course of chiropractic sessions before opting for surgery.

Surgery should always be a last resort.

9. Great for Your Blood Pressure

A 2007 study published in the Human Journal of Hypertension revealed that just one upper cervical adjustment had the equivalent effect of taking two drugs designed to lower blood pressure.

These effects lasted for over six months!

10. Treatment for Neurological Conditions

Presently, groundbreaking research has been undertaken regarding the impacts of chiropractics on neurological conditions.

MRI scans reveal that upper cervical adjustments can help improve various neurological conditions including epilepsy.

Would you like to know more about chiropractic wellness?

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