Four Symptoms of Neuropathy You Need to Know

If you’ve ever noticed a strange tingling or burning sensation in your hands or feet, suffer from chronic or intermittent pain, or often experience a feeling of numbness in your extremities, you may be dealing with neuropathy pain.

Nerve pain results from numerous medical conditions, most commonly diabetes, other metabolic issues, traumatic injury, toxin exposure, and even unexplained infections. The uncomfortable and often relentless symptoms affect every aspect of your body, from regulating the temperature of your hands and feet to healing from minor wounds. Here are four symptoms of neuropathy that you should know if you’ve ever suspected nerve pain to be the cause of your chronic discomfort:


This may seem obvious, but many people don’t realize the root cause of just not feeling yourself. Whether you’re in constant pain or it comes and goes, many people try to lay the blame for their pain on tiredness, lack of exercise, or bad habits. While it could very well involve these factors, too, over 10{115649cd14c12cd94f0d147e1e5923e5cfd090a3a81f6b6da2d6b334a1994be8} of the population suffers from neuropathy.


When the nerve endings of the body give you that tingly feeling, that can indicate that they are performing abnormally or losing sensitivity. When the signals that travel from the body to the central nervous system located in the brain and spine are interrupted, this can cause a sensation of ‘tingly’ hands and feet. This is often one of the very first symptoms that people with neuropathy notice.


Similar to tingling, a sense of burning in the extremities can indicate an onset of neuropathy. The peripheral neuropathy that a large number of diabetics suffer from is often described as a hot, burning feeling in the legs and arms. A whopping seven million Americans suffer from burning in their feet due to neuropathy. This discomfort generally leads to overall frustration as well as loss of sleep and quality of life. But the majority of burning neuropathy cases can be treated by restoring balance and communication to the nerve endings, as Dr. Nygaard’s chiropractic care does.


Loss of feeling completely in hands and feet is not an uncommon symptom of neuropathy. In fact, many diabetics and other nerve pain victims have to take extra precautions against numb body parts, as they may have so little feeling that they don’t notice normal pain sensations such as a cut, burn, sore, or wound in their hands and feet. Numbness generally accompanies weakness, as the blood’s circulation is stagnant and unhealthy in the unfeeling body parts. Restoring oxygen, nutrition, and feeling to these numb extremities is essential, and possible while working with a chiropractor like Dr. Nygaard.

Now that you are aware of these major symptoms of neuropathy, it may be easier for you to frame your pain in terms of your nervous system. Luckily, chiropractic care specializes in dealing with the nervous system, tweaking it to get its channels of communication flowing once again

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