How Fixing Your Posture Can Combat Chronic Neck Pain

posture, neck pain relief in Asheville

Neck pain is a prevalent reason people see a doctor or therapist. It’s a huge health problem that can result from several factors and often has an obvious trigger or cause. If you experience neck pain, taking care of it with as much diligence as possible is essential. You can start by minding and assessing your overall posture. If you’re unsure how you can do that, we have laid out a few helpful tips to get you started. Hopefully, following these simple practices can help you achieve lasting neck pain relief in Asheville!


Neck Pain 101

The neck comprises seven vertebral bones (C1 to C7) stacked one on top of the other. These vertebrae are connected with muscles and ligaments, forming a flexible yet strong pillar that holds your head. Although this pillar is strong, it’s not immune to problems as we age or when things go wrong physiologically due to injury or trauma at some point in time. Hence, ensuring that this pillar is minded and maintained is vital. 

One of the simplest ways to care for it is by minding your posture. Whether standing, sitting, or lying on your bed, you ought to be diligent in keeping your spine’s proper alignment to avoid putting excessive force or strain on your body.

posture, neck pain relief in Asheville


Common Causes of Neck Pain

As previously mentioned, posture is an essential factor for your neck and spinal health and overall well-being. With that, we have poor posture as the number one cause of neck pain. It’s a common occurrence, but you can easily avoid it with simple awareness of common postural problems and consistent effort and self-care.

Poor posture can cause neck pain in many ways. For example, pinched nerves may occur if you lean forward too much at your desk or computer, causing strain on your back muscles and pinching a nerve between two vertebrae.

Muscle strain is another common injury resulting from poor posture; this type of damage typically happens when you have poor habits like slouching in your chair or carrying heavy bags with one strap instead of both straps. This can cause you to tighten up the muscles in your neck and back, leading to more pain.

Another typical cause of neck pain is emotional stress. It may not seem like it would be related to your neck, but studies explain that it can increase one’s susceptibility to pain. Negative and overwhelming emotions can also result in muscle contractions on various body parts, including the shoulders, chest, and neck. Unfortunately, these body parts are close to multiple nerve roots that can potentially get compressed by the stiff and sore muscles and joints.   

Injury is another common cause of chronic pains, such as stiffness or inflammation around joints due to injury, such as whiplash while driving or suddenly hitting something while driving down the road at high speed. Elderly drivers are especially at risk; for example: if someone drives too fast, they could hit another car head-on. This can lead to severe injuries like broken bones and whiplash injuries. 

posture, neck pain relief in Asheville

Importance of Good Posture to Your Overall Health

Improving your posture will not only help with your chronic neck pain but your overall health! Our body is a system of interconnected parts, and good posture helps keep everything working properly. Good posture can reduce stress on your spine and joints, reducing pain, discomfort, and stiffness in your body.

It affects many aspects of your life and system. For one, it helps you breathe easier, which can help prevent asthma attacks or other respiratory problems caused by chronic tightness in the chest muscles or rib cage area. It can also reduce headaches and muscle tension, which are common among people who slouch for long periods each day – like when they’re sitting at their desk job. This can also improve your mood because you’ll feel more energized too!

If done regularly, practicing good posture tips will help reduce or prevent back or body pain—especially if an injury like a herniated disc causes it. It will also help you manage problems leading to worse issues, such as poor blood flow and nerve compression.


Simple Home Remedies for Neck Pain Relief in Asheville

There are several simple options for neck pain relief in Asheville that you can try on your own. These include:

  • Using a heating pad or ice pack
  • Applying gentle pressure to the area that hurts
  • Running a warm and relaxing bath
  • Exercising regularly to improve your muscles and joints
  • Massaging the muscles around the sore spot to help relax them
  • Always minding your posture
  • Taking short breaks from work or gadget use

If one thing doesn’t work, keep trying others until you find what works for you. If your neck pain is really bad, it’s important to be patient with yourself while trying different treatment methods. Don’t give up! There is, however, one natural and effective way to address neck pain – even the ones that have progressed severely to chronic. It is the method and care route most recommended for neck pain relief in Asheville – upper cervical chiropractic care.


How can I improve cervical neck pain in Asheville NC?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Recurring Neck Pain

Countless people address neck pain and postural imbalances with upper cervical chiropractic care. Cervical chiropractors diagnose and manage neck pain with the help of sophisticated chiropractic adjustment techniques that focus on the topmost neck bones. If you’re seeking a chiropractor with trusted experience and credentials, you can visit Atlas Brain and Body to meet Dr. David Nygaard. He practices the Atlas Orthogonal technique – a specially designed upper cervical chiropractic protocol that shows great potential in providing lasting neck pain relief in Asheville. Visit our practice today or book your appointment. Our office is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 am to 5:45 pm.


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