Does an Atlas adjustment hurt?

Nope! The first time you see the percussive sound wave tool, it might seem a little intimidating / sci-fi. But appearances can be deceiving; the Atlas Orthogonal procedure is one of the most gentle chiropractic treatments in the world. Even the most apprehensive patients find they barely feel the adjustment as it’s happening.

How is this different from a “regular” chiropractor?

Atlas Orthogonal is a light force, cracking- and popping-free adjustment that most people don’t even feel. Rather than palpating the vertebrae to suss out misalignments, Dr. David Nygaard relies on detailed imaging and precise calculations to inform his adjustments.

How quickly will I start to see results?

Some patients notice a difference right away, while others experience a gradual but powerful shift over time. With such a wide range of issues connected to Atlas misalignment, it really just depends on what the issue is.

How long will I need to keep coming in?

You and Dr. David Nygaard will discuss this once he’s had a chance to examine you and review your X-rays. At this time (usually during your second visit), Dr. Nygaard will go over the various treatment plans available and help you decide on the best option.

I’ve already had X-rays / MRI / other imaging taken somewhere else. Do I need to do them again?

Not necessarily, but it depends on what your primary complaint is. Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are performed with a percussive sound wave machine that relies on precise calibrations. To determine these measurements, we use a series of X-rays that aren’t always requested by other practitioners.

For this reason, Dr. David Nygaard may wish to perform additional X-rays during your initial visit. If you’ve already had some imaging done on your spine (X-ray, MRI, etc.), you should definitely bring that with you to your first appointment.

How much is it going to cost?

It really depends on which services you end up having in the office, whether or not you have insurance (and what your insurance covers). If you’re paying out of pocket, the initial visits run anywhere from $50-$250 (mostly depending on x-rays). If you have insurance, we collect a flat rate of $79 until we figure out what your responsibility will be.

Once you’ve met with the doctor and have a treatment plan in mind we can give you a better estimate of what your treatments will cost.

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