Is Your Dog Begging for Chiropractic Care?

Jamaal Chiropractic for Dogs

Chiropractic for Dogs

If you’ve ever visited our office in Asheville, you’ve probably been greeted by our friendly office mascot, Jamaal. 

Jamaal is a happy and thriving yellow lab mix who loves to help make patients feel at home.

Jamaal Chiropractic for Dogs

While he’s able to function normally in most respects, he only has one working eye. This causes him to compensate by tilting his head to get a full view of the world around him.

If left untreated, this constant tilting could lead to a chain reaction of negative outcomes, including an altering of the body’s neurology.

Lucky for us, one of our regular patients is animal chiropractor Dr. John Faherty, who comes in every month for an adjustment and sospinal decompression.

On the days when Dr. John comes in for his appointment, Jamaal gets adjusted as well! (As does our office assistant Eden’s dog, an eight-year-old chihuahua mix named Koda, who comes in that day.)

Koda Chiropractic for Dogs

Just like humans, animals need their spinal systems to be balanced and moving properly.

Dr. John started a chiropractic practice (for humans!) in Asheville in the mid-eighties and was often asked to evaluate his patients’ dogs for lower-back and neck pain. 

After discovering the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, he began studying animal chiropractic and completed his studies in 1998.

These days, he works with a number of local veterinary practices where he sees small animals for their chiropractic needs. (He also has extensive experience working with world-class equine jumpers and agility dogs!)

Could your dog benefit from chiropractic care?

Since our dogs can’t tell us when they’re in pain, it’s important to watch for these signs as this is their only way of communicating a problem.

Here are some symptoms that could be indications of a need for treatment:

  • “Puppy sitting” (legs out to one side)
  • Lack of coordination
  • Inability to engage rear quarters
  • Unusual tail rubbing
  • Biting at tail
  • Uneasy posture while standing
  • Discomfort while jumping onto the bed or out of the car
  • Change in agility
  • Stiffness in movement
  • Lameness that seems to move from limb to limb
  • Development of unusual behavior problems

Here’s what a few dog owners had to say about their chiropractic for dogs experience with Dr. John:

Trevor and Riggs, canines: “With maintenance, my dogs maintain flexibility, correct alignment for long term stability, and are comfortable as they age…Dr Faherty is very gentle and knowledgeable. My dogs trust him, and that is my biggest endorsement.”

Molly, a lab mix: “Molly is 13 years old. She suffered a torn ligament and had surgery last May. She also has arthritis in her hips. Molly is doing very well. She now walks evenly and looks balanced. She is able to take long walks without showing signs of limping or soreness.”

Ginger, a boxer mix: “Ginger has hip dysplasia and had a femoral head ostectomy nearly a year ago. Had shown signs of discomfort for several years. She has improved immensely….Dr Faherty’s care has made a huge difference in the well being of my dogs.”

Zoe, a mixed breed: “Over the past few years, I have taken my beloved pooch, Zoe, to Dr. John on a few occasions for adjustments when she began limping or showing physical immobility of any kind. After the sessions, Zoe licks me (she does not usually lick) and it seems clear she is thanking me.”

If you think adjustments could help your pup, ask your vet about animal chiropractic.

Then consider contacting Dr. John Faherty at 828-712-8017 or (or an animal chiropractor in your local area).

With a vigorous tail wag, Jamaal approved this message!

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