Chiropractic Care for Disc Pain

Chiropractic Care for Disc Pain

Chiropractic Care for Disc Pain

Disc Pain

Spinal disc problems are widely misunderstood for a number of reasons. First, medical and chiropractic professionals do not always agree on the causes of disc pain and nerve pain. Patients can have a difficult time understanding this complex – and often not well explained – health issue.

Second, because of the variety and complexity of terms used to describe disc-related pain, such as a pinched nerve, degenerated disc, slipped disc, herniated disc, bulging disc, and so on. Proper diagnostics, which commonly involves imaging (either x-ray or MRI) and proper diagnostic evaluation is necessary in order to determine what course of care is necessary and most appropriate.

There are times where disc problems have progressed beyond what can be treated with Chiropractic techniques or even Atlas Orthogonal. We offer the non-surgical alternative of Spinal Disc Decompression as well as laser and infrared light therapy.

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