Upper Chiropractic Care for Boosting Immunity

With the rise of COVID-19, most of us have wondered, “How can I boost my immune system?”

And, as if COVID-19 weren’t enough, now we’re heading into cold and flu season—and our bodies are already stressed after months of weathering a pandemic.

So it’s an excellent time to consider specific ways to improve your immunity and add some tools to your toolkit—including regular chiropractic care.

The basic recommendations are always the same:

Boost Immunity: Stay Hydrated
Photo by Damir Spanik
  • Get good sleep: Aim for eight hours of solid sleep per night. What does healthy sleep look like for you? 
  • Eat well: Avoid sugar, eat lots of plant-based foods, reduce alcohol intake. What shifts can you make in your food choices that your body would appreciate? 
  • Stay hydrated: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Can you fill a jug of water in the morning and commit to finishing it by bedtime?
  • Be active: Get outside and work some regular exercise into your routine. Where can you fit in a run, a brisk walk, or a few minutes of stretching? 
  • Reduce stress: Do more of the activities that bring you relaxation and a sense well-being. Can you block some time to stream a free yoga session? How about taking five minutes to meditate?

We know: you’ve heard all of these tips before! But we all need to re-evaluate how we’re doing across all of these categories from time to time.

Coming up with a few shifts toward healthier choices can make a big difference.

Another way to strengthen your immunity: regular chiropractic care.

Studies have shown that people who get regular chiropractic care have improved immunity compared to those who don’t.

  • During the flu pandemic of 1918, researchers found that patients who were getting regular chiropractic care had dramatically higher survival rates.
  • Dr. Ronald Pero did a study in 1975 demonstrating that patients who had been receiving regular chiropractic treatments for five years or more had 200% greater immunity than patients who hadn’t.
  • In 1991, Dr. Patricia Brennan discovered the power of a single adjustment on immune response. She showed that after an adjustment, the bloodstream showed an increase in white blood cells: the fighter cells that go out and destroy invaders.

How does chiropractic care improve immunity?

Ideally, the nervous system and the immune system work together to help you maintain optimal health.

Your body’s central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. Picture Grand Central Station: messages are constantly traveling through, from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain.

Grand Central Station. Photo by Uwe Conrad

When all the trains are running on time, the nervous system can get a warning to the brain that there’s an intruder and trigger an immune response.

However, when there’s misalignment in the neck or spine, some train lines may start running late or shutting down altogether, disrupting an integral line of communication.

Your immune response may be delayed or nonexistent.

Chiropractic adjustments improve immunity by alleviating nerve compression and restoring proper alignment—improving body functions across the board.

Let’s keep the trains running on time.

Dr. David Nygaard is a huge fan of ramping up the immune system to avoid all types of injuries and illnesses.

Fortify yourself by setting up an evaluation and a regular treatment plan!

It’s an easy, natural, and holistic way to strengthen your defenses against whatever may come up to challenge your health in the future.

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