Chiropractic Care for Myofascitis


Myofascitis is a painful condition that affects the muscles and the sheath of the tissue, called fascia. Fascia is soft stretchy connective tissue that acts like a saran wrap covering over muscle fibers, major muscle groups and organs. This pain syndrome causes chronic pain in the soft tissues (muscles, fascia) throughout the body. This condition has many similarities to the chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Muscles of the back may be injured initially through traumatic tearing of the fibers, repetitive strain, and through pre-existing conditions which cause the muscles to be weakened and inflamed without provocation. While traumatic injuries are easily identified, repetitive strain can be more difficult to ascertain.

These strains can begin with a repetitive movement where the muscles are being irritated over a long period of time until they become vulnerable to tearing from a simple change in the position of the back. Approximately 5 days after an injury, scar tissue will then form to act like glue to bond the tissue back together. Scar tissue will continue to form past six weeks in some cases, and as long as a year in sever back strains. In cases where the repetitive irritation is not halted, or if the area does not heal properly and the scar tissues does not break down, myofascial irritation will persist.

The initial approach to treating myofascitis is to support and protect the muscles, help them to loosen up and lessen the pain while minimizing any inflammation. Due to the stiffness which accompanies scar tissue, it will be important to perform procedures which help break down the scaring in the muscle, so as to let the muscle regain its normal flexibility and less the chance of further injury.

While exercise is appropriate for breaking down scar tissue once the area has healed, it may further irritate the area during the initial stages of a re-irritated myofascial pain syndrome. Therefore, other methods such as chiropractic adjustments may be safely used to accomplish this early on in the injury.

Chiropractic care helps increase the flexibility of the soft tissue of the spine and reduces the pressure that occurs from any restricted and minor misalignments of individual vertebral joint segments. This in turns helps to eliminate any nerve interference created from the dysfunctional area. This can be achieved by breaking down scar tissues through techniques which adjust the spine, re-aligning the attached vertebra, as well as performing release techniques to the fibrous portion of the soft tissues.

Many doctors of chiropractic also use therapeutic measures such as electric stimulation and heat therapy. A doctor of chiropractic will take the time to diagnose your condition and help determine its cause.

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Although there is no consensus on its cause, fibromyalgia appears to be both an inflammatory condition and a neuromuscular condition – meaning that it involves both the body and the brain. It appears to begin by inflammation of the fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles and joints from overuse or injury that send pain signals to the brain.

In the case of fibromyalgia, these signals are amplified and become chronic, and in some cases lead to debility. Researchers believe that “central sensitization” occurs. This is a neurological rewiring, possibly with genetic links, that results in a lower threshold for pain because of increased sensitivity in the brain to pain signals.

Fibromyalgia is commonly a direct result of atlas misalignment, which places measurable pressure on the spinal cord at the level of the brain stem. This adversely affects the brain/body nerve signals, irritates the surrounding soft tissue, and also affects the blood supply to the brain and the proper flow of cerebro-spinal fluid.

This condition routinely responds positively to Atlas Orthogonal as well as laser, infrared light therapy and nerve repair protocols.

Contact us today to learn about Atlas Brain and Body and the many conditions we treat. 828-253-0700

Dr. David Nygaard, MS, MBA
Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist
Atlas Brain and Body
(828) 253-0700
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