Brain Fog? Upper Cervical Brain-Based Chiropractic Can Help

Asheville Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Brain Fog

Many people start their day with some level of brain fog.

Those who depend on a morning cup of coffee or tea know the feeling of cloudiness that precedes their caffeine consumption--and how much clearer they feel afterward.

However, for some people, the feeling of brain fog continues throughout the day and never really lets go. They report feeling tired, hazy, and forgetful. They have a hard time focusing and an inability to concentrate. It’s also common to experience head pressure.

Asheville Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Brain Fog

It can be difficult to tease out the causes and frightening to seek a diagnosis--especially when you feel like you can’t think straight. That is where an expert can help.

If you’re looking for possible causes of your brain fog, brain-based chiropractic care might be the key. 

And the good news here is that the treatment is non-invasive and drug-free.

Upper cervical chiropractic treatment can be successful in treating brain fog because the brain depends on proper blood supply and spinal fluid circulation to function optimally.. If there is instability or misalignment in your upper cervical spine, it’s possible that the vertebral artery is obstructed and impeding blood flow to the brain. Or just as importantly, spinal fluid flow can be adversely altered. This can lead to brain fog and/or head pressure

In short, your brain may not be getting the proper nutrition it requires to function properly.

Some patients report dramatic improvement, even after a single adjustment.

Consider the story of Callie, a patient who came in to see Dr. David Nygaard four months after a fall. She was suffering with headaches and a general feeling of cloudiness and mental confusion, a lot of pain in her neck, an inability to sleep, and discomfort all the time.

After her first adjustment, she was brought to tears as her central nervous system came back online for the first time since her fall.

“I can feel my brain again,” Callie said in a voice trembling with emotion. “I don’t know how else to say it. I feel like I can think the way I was thinking prior to the fall, not that I really noticed that I wasn’t myself as much as I’m noticing now that I feel like myself again now that I’ve had the adjustment. And it’s kind of overwhelming how a tiny little tap has affected me this morning. I’m looking forward to continuing, coming back, and getting better and better.”

Another patient, Donna, reported a similar experience: “When I first came to Dr. David Nygaard, I felt like my brain was dead, like my body was so disconnected. He did the Atlas adjustment, and after only a month, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back, I’m able to form words now. I’m really thankful for Dr. Nygaard and these adjustments. Just do it!”

Regardless of your specific situation, Dr. David Nygaard can properly diagnose if a neck injury is the cause of your brain fog and compromised functioning nerve system function.

An Atlas adjustment may be precisely what your brain is craving.

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