How to Find the Best Asheville Chiropractor

  Asheville Chiropractors offer a safe alternative to traditional medicine, but choosing the best Asheville chiropractor for your needs isn’t a decision to take lightly. Contrary to common belief, not all chiropractors are the same. Some specialize in corrective care or pain management, while others offer general preventative services. Techniques can vary between chiropractors, in […]

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Back Pain Relief Through Spinal Decompression

  It’s hard to escape from back pain. Back pain causes more disability than any other condition. The spine is key to our body’s movement, so it can lead to misery when it causes problems. And the risks involved in surgery to fix spinal conditions make it an unattractive solution. Luckily, non-surgical solutions give us […]

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What Are The Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain?

With 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there are many people who struggle with neck and shoulder issues. While some of these issues can be traced directly to tears and strains in the neck and shoulders, some of it is due to other issues. Getting to know the causes of neck and shoulder pain […]

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What to Expect During and After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Many patients are intimidated during their initial visit to a chiropractor. If you’ve never been before, it’s understandable you may get a case of the first-time scares. But, keep in mind that at any given time, 31 million people experience lower-back pain. Of that figure, millions seek out medical help from a licensed practitioner. That’s […]

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Meniere’s Disease —Finding Natural Relief in Asheville, NC

Meniere’s disease can prove to be a debilitating condition that causes falls, partial hearing loss, vertigo, and other symptoms. As many as 5 million Americans suffer from this condition. What causes Meniere’s and is there a natural way to reduce the symptoms? Read on to learn more. The Underlying Cause of Meniere’s Disease Researchers have […]

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Migraines Alleviated Naturally in Asheville, NC

Migraines and other types of headaches, such as tension headache and sinus headache, are painful. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity and are treated with anti-nausea drugs, but there is a safe and natural way. Click the video thumbnail to learn more. To contact our office directly call 828-253-0700  

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Migraines – Does Brain Size Matter?

Migraine headaches and depression may be things that can be foreseen by examining the size of a person’s brain according to a study that was published in Neurology magazine. It turns out that bigger is better when it comes to avoiding physical and emotional pain in the mind. Those will smaller brains seem to face […]

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Is It Dizziness or Vertigo?

Dizziness and vertigo can be sensations that are difficult to describe in words.  This might help to explain why many people use the words interchangeably, even though vertigo is much different than a dizzy spell.  As many as 40% of Americans age 40 or older have experienced some type of vestibular disorder, of which, vertigo […]

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Vertigo Relieved Naturally in Asheville, NC

Vertigo is the feeling that our surroundings are moving or spinning when there is no actual movement. Natural relief for Vertigo does exist. Click the video thumbnail for more information.   To contact our office directly call 828-253-0700

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Migraines in Men—Examining the Minority

When it comes to migraines in the US, women suffer from the condition three times as frequently as men, but that doesn’t mean the 6% of American males dealing with this condition suffer any less. The fact is that migraines seem to be unique to each person, let alone whether one is male or female. […]

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