Chiropractic Care for Myofascitis

Myofascitis Myofascitis is a painful condition that affects the muscles and the sheath of the tissue, called fascia. Fascia is soft stretchy connective tissue that acts like a saran wrap covering over muscle fibers, major muscle groups and organs. This pain syndrome causes chronic pain in the soft tissues (muscles, fascia) throughout the body. This […]

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Chiropractic Care for TMJ Pain

If you place your hand on your face, right in front of your ear lobes, open and close your mouth, you can feel your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects your upper and lower jaw. Many American experience some sort of TMJ pain or even temporomandibular disorder (TMD). In fact, the National Intitute of Dental and […]

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Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis

Scoliosis Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. While it can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the cause of most is unknown. Most cases are mild, but some children develop spine deformities that continue to get more […]

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Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

Hip Pain There are many reasons for having hip pain; one of the most common reasons is referred pain from the back. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is a problem affecting mainly older people and is the most common disease affecting the hip joint, with 25% of women and 15% of men experiencing symptoms over […]

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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Neck Pain Most episodes of neck pain are due to a muscle strain or other soft tissue sprain (ligaments, tendons), spinal misalignment, or atlas misalignment. This type of injury can also be caused by a sudden force (whiplash). These types of pain often improve with time and with non-surgical care such as medications and chiropractic […]

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Chiropractic Care for Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative Joint Disease Degenerative joint disease is also known as osteoarthritis. Bony spurs can develop as the spine degenerates. This happens when the cartilage becomes rough and worn out, causing the joints to rub against each other, creating inflammation, pain, stiffness, loss of motion and ultimately the formation of bone spurs. The fluid lubricant may […]

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Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Although there is no consensus on its cause, fibromyalgia appears to be both an inflammatory condition and a neuromuscular condition – meaning that it involves both the body and the brain. It appears to begin by inflammation of the fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles and joints from overuse or injury that send pain signals […]

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Chiropractic Care for Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes of low back and neck pain. Simply put, it is the weakening of one or more of the discs that serve as a cushion between the vertebrae. This condition can develop over time as a part of the aging process, improper self-care, […]

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Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Sciatica Sciatica is a condition characterized by pain, tingling, or numbness in the lower extremities of the buttock, legs and/or feet. It is produced by nerve irritation or nerve compression of the nerve roots that form the sciatic nerve. These nerve roots come out of the spinal cord into the lower back, go down through […]

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Chiropractic Care for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck or back, as well as the openings between the bones where nerves exit from the spinal cord. This usually happens when bone, tissue, or both grow in the openings in the spinal bones. This growth can squeeze and irritate nerves that […]

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