5 Ways to Drink More Water

We all know that keeping our bodies hydrated is essential to maintaining good health. As creatures made up of approximately 70% water, humans need to drink water regularly. Good hydration helps with nearly all of our bodily functions, such as: Regulating body temperature Keeping joints lubricated Preventing infections Delivering nutrients to cells Keeping organs functioning […]

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How to Avoid Burnout When You're Really Stressed

Many of us have experienced burnout without fully understanding what it is and how to move beyond it. Let's face it: the world can be an extremely stressful place to be and we all have stressors that can't be fully avoided or controlled. We feel pushed to the max in our daily lives and up against […]

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How Can Chiropractic Care Help with Weight Loss?

Every year, the weight-loss industry in the US makes billions of dollars on products and services that range from evidence-based to complete scams that could be detrimental to your health. Where to begin?! It can be confusing and ultimately dangerous to try to navigate all the weight loss options on your own. That’s why it’s […]

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Free Yourself from Chronic Migraines

For those who have experienced chronic migraines, even typing the word “migraines” feels like fingernails on a chalkboard. You never forget these sensations: the excruciating pain throbbing from deep inside your head. The fatigue, nausea, vomiting. Waiting it out in the quiet darkness of your bedroom cave for hours or even days.

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Upper Chiropractic Care for Boosting Immunity

With the rise of COVID-19, most of us have wondered, “How can I boost my immune system?” And, as if COVID-19 weren’t enough, now we’re heading into cold and flu season—and our bodies are already stressed after months of weathering a pandemic. So it’s an excellent time to consider specific ways to improve your immunity […]

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How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Helps You Safely Work from Home

Upper Chiropractic Care to Support Working from Home As the world shut down due to the pandemic, millions of office workers transitioned to working from home overnight. With laptops and WiFi, anyone who could work remotely plugged in at home and...kept right on working. Sure, it was great to skip the commute and wearing pants!  […]

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Upper Chiropractic Care for Stress

Imagine you’re an early human in ancient times, sitting around a bonfire next to a river, grilling meat with the family. The sun is setting and it’s quiet. Suddenly, an ancient alligator comes flying out of the river on the attack! What happens in your body? First, you get a shot of adrenaline. Your muscles […]

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Chiropractic Care for Ligament Damage

Ligament Damage Ligaments attach bone to bone. Although ligaments are strong and rigid by nature, strains and sudden forces can cause them to rupture and tear. Ligament damage is caused when the fibers become torn, and the severity depends on the extent to which they have torn and the pain that is experienced. Because of […]

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Chiropractic Care for Failed Back Syndrome

Failed Back Syndrome Failed back syndrome (FBS), also called “failed back surgery syndrome”, refers to chronic back and/or leg pain that occurs after back (spinal) surgery, usually after laminectomy. It is characterized as a chronic pain syndrome. Multiple factors can contribute to the onset or development of FBS, including residual or recurrent disc herniation, persistent […]

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Chiropractic Care for Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis is a relatively common condition (up to 6% of people have it) affecting the low back. It occurs when one of your vertebrae slides forward on the vertebra below. You lose the normal alignment of the spinal column because you’ve lost the integrity of the joints holding the spinal bones together. The most […]

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