The Benefits of Getting An Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment

Pain is a daily reality for many Americans. In fact, estimates put the number of chronic pain sufferers in the US at around 100 million. The sources of all that pain are as varied as the people who have the pain. You might grow up with a hereditary condition or get into a car accident. Some people contract diseases and others get sick from pollution in the environment.

People deal with their pain in all kinds of ways, such as prescriptions, physical therapy, hypnosis, and meditation. In some cases, though, a chiropractor can substantially reduce your pain just by moving some bones a little bit in the right way. This is understood as a chiropractic adjustments and there are few specialists in the orthogonal technique that help by employing an Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment.

Let's jump in and take a closer look at some of the benefits of an atlas chiropractic adjustment.

An Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment Can Improve Joint Movement

An Atlas Chiropractic Adjustment Can Improve Joint MovementWhen your spine gets out of alignment, it puts pressure on your entire body.

Think of it as a little bit like your car tires getting out of alignment. You can still drive the car, but it takes more work.

The car pulls left or right, so you must constantly work at keeping it moving straight. If you don't get an alignment, the wheels wear unevenly. This diminishes performance even more.

When your vertebrae aren't in their correct position, they push the muscles around them out of place. These muscles put pressure on other muscles, which can put pressure on your joints.

Your joints work harder because of the increased pressure. This may increase your chances of developing a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel.

Chiropractic adjustments puts the spine back into its proper place. This reduces the pressure on your muscles, which reduces the pressure on your joints. The reduced pressure can improve joint movement.

Chiropractic Adjustments Help Stress Reduction

Pain tires you out at both a physical and mental level and this is where an atlas chiropractic adjustment can help you get your health back.

Working when you're in pain takes a psychological effort. You must concentrate both on doing the task at hand and ignoring the pain.

At the same time, pain makes getting good sleep difficult. Poor sleep slows down healing and makes it clear thinking difficult.

Put all of that together and your work performance often suffers. It also makes social activities more difficult or even impossible.

Say you usually run as a method for burning off frustration. If you hurt your back, you're both in pain and unable to burn off your frustrations. Your stress level rises.

If one of your main social activities is also physical, like biking or playing basketball with friends, that's also off the board. You get cut off from your social network. This drives your stress level up even more.

An atlas chiropractic adjustment can lower your stress level simply by reducing your pain. Less pain means better sleep. That will improve mental clarity and speed up healing.

Your work won't suffer as much, so your stress goes down on that front. You'll get back to your social routines faster and enjoy the mental benefits of those activities.

Non-Prescription Pain Management

An estimated 85 million Americans use properly prescribed medication for pain management. Some people use them for disease-related pain, but many people take them for issues like back or joint pain.

With growing concerns over the opioid epidemic, patients and doctors want more pain management options. Atlas Chiropractic adjustments offer one path to pain reduction.

Say you're moving into a larger apartment. You throw your back out while moving your couch or a dresser. You apply heat and take some ibuprofen, but the pain is still brutal.

On the face of it, your doctor doesn't have many options other than a fairly high-powered painkiller. Unless they can reduce the pain some other way.

A chiropractic adjustment can reduce moderate lower back pain just as well as getting a massage or taking over-the-counter medication. For many people, that can get them back to a close-to-normal level of activity.

If a back adjustment helps reduce your severe pain down to moderate levels, OTC painkillers become a real option.

Works Well with Other Treatments

Treating a condition often involves choosing between options because of potential drug interactions. It becomes a question of "What is the most pressing concern?"

Chiropractic treatments often prove a great addition to treatment plans because they are drug-free. You can take pain medication or blood pressure medicine and still get a back adjustment.

The main exception to that is when you suffer from something that affects bone health, like osteoporosis. Always talk with your primary physician first if you plan on getting chiropractic care.

Treats the Cause of Pain

In many cases, treatments focus on the symptoms of a condition. That even makes sense at times.

Take motion sickness as an example. People get motion sickness because of conflicting signals from their bodies about whether they are in motion. There isn't a cure for those mixed signals.

All that a doctor can do is offer something to quell symptoms like nausea and headaches.

In other cases, pain stems from an identifiable cause. A misaligned vertebra in the neck can cause headaches or migraines. A chiropractic adjustment can solve the cause of your headache and stop the pain as a byproduct.

Since a back adjustment or neck adjustment focuses on the cause of the pain, it also stands a better chance of working long-term. As long as the treatment focuses on the symptoms, there's a good chance the symptoms will return.

Some achiness or soreness is common after an adjustment. It's typically mild and often clears up within a few days.

Parting Thoughts

An Atlas Chiropractic adjustment offers you many potential benefits.

It can improve your joint movement and reduce your stress level. It's also a drug-free pain management option. That makes it a viable addition to most treatment plans.

Chiropractic adjustments focus on dealing with what causes your condition, not just the symptoms.

Atlas Chiropractic offers several treatments including spinal adjustment, spinal disc decompression, and a specialization in upper neck treatment. If you're ready for a treatment that does more than mask symptoms, contact us today for a pre-consultation.

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