Been in a Motorcycle Accident in Asheville NC?

Been in a Motorcycle Accident in Asheville NCThere’s a reason that the beautiful back roads in the mountainous Asheville area are peppered with this sign: “Look Twice. Save a life. Motorcycles are everywhere.”

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur each year in our beautiful state, and over half of these result in injury that is often permanent, though the survivor may not realize it initially. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Asheville NC, don’t hesitate to ask the experts for help. Your body will thank you.

With several of the country’s most famous winding bike routes within 50 miles of Asheville, motorcycles are indeed, everywhere. Here are some of the most common injuries and damages to look for if you have been involved in an accident with one:

  • brain and head trauma 
  • broken (fractured) bones
  • internal injuries
  • injuries to the neck and spine
  • sprains and strains
  • whiplash
  • other soft tissue injuries
  • joint pain and dysfunction
  • surface wounds, scrapes, cuts, and bruises

Only the most obvious of these traumas may be evident to someone who has just been in an accident. Unfortunately, a lot of energy post-accident is usually devoted to the legal outcome and the physical outcome of the motorbike or vehicle. Because of this hectic nature of recuperation, many non-obvious physical symptoms may be swept under the rug, only to surface months or years later, worse than ever.

Survivors of motorcycle accidents don\’t benefit from the same safety cushions as those in auto accidents, like seatbelts, airbags, and the like. Motorcycle riders typically suffer from more serious injuries, the five most common being: head injury, road rash (scrapes from being thrown off the bike), muscle tissue damage, nerve damage in the ‘biker’s arm’, and leg injury. Luckily, prompt preventative care can do a far better job avoiding a life of chronic pain than seeking help later, when it is too late

We Can Help Motorcycle Accident Survivors in Asheville,NC

Chiropractic care isn’t appropriate for all of the above injury concerns. But for some, it is absolutely critical to getting to the root of the issue and healing your body. Whiplash is one of these sneaky symptoms. Occurring immediately or well after an accident as a result of an awkwardly over-extended ligament or muscle, whiplash can rear its ugly head anytime. An upper cervical re-alignment, spinal disc compression, or another treatment modality will be able to aid the body in re-positioning itself and coming back into balance after the accident.

Dr. Nygaard has been serving the Asheville community for 18 years and wants to help you in your journey to wellbeing. Specializing in upper cervical and Atlas Orthogonal treatment, neuropathy, disc compression, migraines, auto accident recovery.

Dr. Nygaard is the only doctor in the Western North Carolina area with this area of expertise and care. He is happy to customize a safe and effective treatment plan for you, so your free initial pre-consultation today.

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