Asheville Chiropractic Doctor Lists 6 Central Vertigo Causes

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Are you familiar with central vertigo attacks? Chances are you haven’t heard much about it because not many references talk about this type of vertigo episode. So, as your trusted Asheville chiropractic practice, Atlas Brain and Body decided to look into the top six central vertigo causes. Hopefully, by helping you understand these conditions, you can get better help and determine the best ways to move forward. 

#1.  Head injuries

Many people who come to an Asheville chiropractic practice for vertigo relief have a history of head trauma. That’s because the sheer force from an accident like a car collision or a head butt during a football game can impact the vestibular system. 

#2. Vestibular migraines

According to the American Migraine Foundation, approximately three percent of the adult population have vestibular migraines. Notably, a significant fraction of this group of people reports recurring vertigo episodes and dizzying spells.  

#3. Tumor growth

Whether malignant or benign, tumor growths can press on structures that help you detect movements and maintain balance. They can also impact other physiological functions like circadian rhythm and heart rate regulation.  Hence, if you suspect having a tumor on the brainstem or cervical spine, it would be wise to seek medical assistance to determine your next steps. 

#4. Multiple sclerosis (MS)

MS is a central nervous system disorder that occurs because of damaged or destroyed nerve tissue coverings. It is a chronic condition that triggers various symptoms ranging from fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, and mobility problems.

#5. Hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke

Stroke, whether hemorrhagic (abnormal brain tissue bleeding) or ischemic (lack of oxygen), can impact the vestibular system. Besides speech and mobility issues, strokes can cause balance problems and dizziness. They can also pose significant life-threatening risks, so you must seek emergency care if you notice common stroke indicators like slurred speech and facial paralysis.    

#6. Vascular problems 

Cardiovascular issues like aneurysms (weakened artery wall lining), embolisms (having a blood clot or air bubble lodged in blood vessels), and atherosclerosis (plaque buildup) can affect blood flow to the brain. They can also increase your risks for complications and symptoms like vertigo attacks, instability, and paralysis.


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Key Steps to Manage Central Vertigo-Causing Conditions

Central vertigo-causing diseases and disorders often require immediate medical attention. Hence, if you suspect having any of the abovementioned issues, we strongly recommend working closely with your primary physician. This way, you can manage your risks and understand the specific steps you must undertake to take control of the situation. 

Additionally, you should tap into helpful techniques to improve your overall health and wellness. A few examples include: 

  • Mind your diet so you can reduce cardiovascular risks and boost nervous system health
  • Stay active to keep your blood flowing smoothly 
  • Be vigilant when driving or participating in activities that pose risks for head or neck injuries
  • Make sure to seek medical attention if you suspect having post-concussion symptoms
  • Try Asheville chiropractic to care for your spine and minimize CNS disruptions
Asheville chiropractic

Keep Your CNS in Good Condition with the Help of an Asheville Chiropractic Doctor

Can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor help with vertigo in Asheville?

It can be quite daunting to experience recurring vertigo episodes because of CNS-related problems. Thankfully, with a few lifestyle modifications and regular consultations with an Asheville chiropractic doctor, you can potentially manage your symptoms and lessen risks for complications. Let us help you improve your vertigo symptoms so you can enjoy physical activities or do your work or household chores without worrying about losing your balance, tripping, or slipping. 

We are trained in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, a chiropractic protocol designed to remove stress in the cervical spine and brainstem. It’s precise and gentle, and it’s proven to work well in reducing the recurrence of spinning sensations and dizzying spells. 

Book your appointment at Atlas Brain and Spine by filling out our form. Our team would be happy to check your neck bones and provide tailored-fit chiropractic adjustments so you can enjoy natural and holistic healing.


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