Can Dr Nygaard help me with my condition? - Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville
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Can Dr Nygaard help me with my condition?

Can Dr Nygaard help me with my condition?

As the the only Asheville Chiropractor Specializing in Atlas Orthogonal Care in Western North Carolina, Dr. David Nygaard specializes in helping people in pain heal by creating a treatment plan specific to them. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, he will examine you to assess the alignment of your neck. Even a minor misalignment can cause people major pain, so he will determine with absolute precision what the best alignment action is for you. The X-rays that Dr. Nygaard takes are computer analyzed for 100{115649cd14c12cd94f0d147e1e5923e5cfd090a3a81f6b6da2d6b334a1994be8} accuracy, and exact calculations are made that trigger a gentle instrument to adjust your atlas. There is no pain whatsoever, and in fact some patients immediately feel relaxed and relieved directly after the adjustment.

David Is Recognized As One Of The Best Asheville Chiropractors

For the future of your neck and a life free of pain, an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment might be the one thing you haven’t tried; it might be the one thing that works for you, for the long-term.


David Nygaard