10 Reasons You Should Seek Accident Chiropractor After an Auto Accident Injury


Unfortunately, there were over 6 million car accidents in 2015. Recovering from these can take a lot of time and money.

Even minor car accidents can leave you with injuries that will need attention. One popular solution is seeking out a chiropractor for help healing.

Have you recently been involved in an auto accident and looking for relief from pain or an injury? Thinking about seeing an accident chiropractor but still unconvinced?

Keep reading below for ten reasons you should make a chiropractic appointment following a car accident.

1. Treat Non-Obvious Injuries

Car accidents can lead to visible injuries such as broken bones and bruises. But others are less noticeable. Often when experiencing a trauma like an accident, your endorphin levels will mask some pain from injuries.

Once your body calms a little bit, you may then start to feel different types of pain. One concern after car accidents is whiplash.

Sometimes it can take a few days for whiplash symptoms to set in. These include dizziness, headaches, and a stiff neck.

Whiplash is a serious issue. The best way to handle it is to catch it early. An accident chiropractor will adjust your spine and work to minimize the pain and control any damage.

2. Realign Your Spine

Traveling speeds are sometimes very high when auto accidents occur. This speed creates strong forces that can strain your body. The jar from hitting another car or other object can cause misalignment in your spine.

This is often referred to as subluxations. These impact nerves, leading to pain like tingling and numbness.

Visiting an accident chiropractor will help deal with spinal misalignment. They are trained to correct these issues.

Depending on the severity and how soon you begin treatment, it could take a few months to complete treatment. While this seems like a lengthy process, you will feel much better.

3. Non-Invasive Treatments

Many people today get surgeries they do not need. If you experience severe back pain after a car accident, you may be tempted to consider surgery. Be wary of this decision.

Surgery is very expensive and often ineffective. Use surgery as a last resort, but first, consider visiting an accident chiropractor to treat your pain.

A chiropractor will be able to realign any joints that are causing problems. This will decrease your pain and help your body heal.

A chiropractor can also give you advice on other helpful pain relief methods to use at home. These could include stretches, exercises, or heat/ice application.

4. Recover with Less or No Medication

Visiting a chiropractor is a totally natural way to heal and manage your pain after a car accident. This means you do not have to take any medications.

While pain medication such as Ibuprofen can be useful for short-term relief, many people become too dependent on pills. Pain medication can mask injuries which will elongate healing time.

Your accident chiropractor will treat you without requiring any medicine. They will commonly utilize stretching and spinal manipulation. Many will also use massage techniques to reduce pain and assist blood flow.

5. Avoid Chronic Problems in Life

If you leave small injuries from a car accident untreated, they could become lifelong problems. As mentioned, whiplash is a serious issue. If not properly treated, symptoms can continue for life.

Chronic pain left untreated can lead to problems at work and emotional stress that impacts your family.

6. Visiting an Accident Chiropractor is Safe

One concern people have when thinking about visiting a chiropractor is safety. People often are scared because they have the wrong idea of what treatment will actually be like.

As long as you seek out a qualified, experienced, and licensed chiropractor, you should not worry. All reputable chiropractors will be happy to answer any questions and walk you through the process of treatments.

7. Address Multiple Concerns with One Visit

Because one part of chiropractic treatment is aligning the spine, your entire body will receive benefits. For example, you may notice improved mobility in your neck after having your back realigned.

During your visit, you will also have access to information about ways to keep your muscles relaxed.

8. Treat Soft Tissue Injuries

A benefit to visiting an accident chiropractor is that they can help with any soft tissue injuries you may have. Soft tissue injuries refer to anything wrong with tendons, ligaments, or muscles.

Being in even a minor car accident can damage parts of your soft tissue.

9. Decrease Stress Level

Getting evaluated by a chiropractor after a car accident will also give you some peace. They will be able to assess for any injuries you may not be able to see or feel yet.

If you receive the all-clear, you can be confident knowing you are healthy. This will leave you more time to focus on getting your car repaired.

If the chiropractor does find an issue, you can rest easy knowing you are in capable hands and will receive the best possible treatment.

10. Insurance Coverage

After being in a car accident, you will likely be concerned with how much repairs will cost. But it is important not to forget to take care of your physical health too. You can get a new car, but you only have one body.

Seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible. This will decrease the chances of any long-term problems.

While you may be nervous about money in the midst of car damages, don't worry. Your insurance will likely cover treatments with a chiropractor.

This is because insurers realize chiropractic care prevents the need for more expensive treatment down the road. A few months of spinal alignment is much cheaper than complicated surgery.

Start Healing After Your Car Accident

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should seek an accident chiropractor after being in a car accident. Getting treated by a qualified chiropractor can help you begin the path to recovery.

Are you ready to take the next steps and find relief from your injury? Contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

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