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1st Atlas Adjustment Video Reviews

1st Atlas Adjustment with Ned

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1st Atlas Adjustment with Doris H.

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“Ever since the atlas adjustment that I had…I am able to get out and do the things that I want to do. I have no thought in the back of my mind…you know, that little voice that tells you – oh, you can’t do this because you have a hindering thing in your back…It’s very elating! The fact that I can just do the things I use to do before.”
“Dr. Nygaard is very skillful. He’s got a lot of technical chops. He’s got a lot of technical precission. One of the more endearing and immediate qualities that is evident about him is that it doesn’t seem to get in the way. He can still be talking to you and conversing with you while you get an adjustment. There is just a natural sense of him going to the right areas immediately, plugging right into those areas.”
“David is the first chiropractor of his kind that I’ve seen. The adjustment is extremely gentle. He’s a very kind man. He’s a very caring man. The best part for me, to not only be continuing under chiropractic care with someone so wonderful as David is to be able to refer him to people who may be having serious pain, or are doubtful, or are in fear. I can reassure them that this is not a problem.”
“I believe in what he does. I’m a walking example of his care. I’m now in better shape that I was in my 30’s, and I’m 59. And that to me is something everybody should be able to experience.”

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