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What Is Atlas CorrectionWhat Is Atlas Correction

What Is Atlas Correction

An atlas correction can be done by a chiropractor in Asheville, Dr. David Nygaard.  Most people will seek out a chiropractor when they have neck pain or back pain. And while those are the most common reasons people choose chiropractic care, we have great success with migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, herniated disc and nerve pain, neuropathy pain, whiplash pain from car accidents and more. We have seen great success with these conditions because of the bodies unique healing ability. When a vertebrae becomes misaligned and creates interference with the nerves you can get pain and dysfunction. A chiropractic adjustment can restore the position of the bone and restore the communication in the body so that it can heal... and pain can go away.

The actual adjustment is performed by an Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting instrument. The instrument works by percussion – a sound wave – and the head and neck are gently restored to their normal (90*)/Orthogonal position. The procedure is extremely subtle.​

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